10 Must-See tips for Parents.

Mindful Parenting: Cultivating Presence and Connection with Your Children Mindfulness can help parents become more present and attentive to their children, leading to deeper connections and better communication. This guide explores the benefits of mindful parenting and offers practical tips for integrating mindfulness into daily family life. Positive Parenting: Building Strong Relationships with Your Children

Observation of an Elementary Math Class

In an elementary math class, the teacher, Ms. Garcia, was teaching multiplication tables to her third-grade students. She used a variety of techniques to keep the students engaged, including games, flashcards, and worksheets. Ms. Garcia allowed students ample time to practice their multiplication facts, working alongside them to provide guidance and support. Students were encouraged

Observation of a Preschool Classroom

I recently had the opportunity to observe a preschool classroom. The classroom was arranged with various activity stations, including a book corner, play kitchen, art table, and building blocks. The children were free to choose which activity they wanted to engage in, with guidance and supervision from the teacher. Teacher Ms. Kim provided clear instructions